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About us

We are a group of explorers who traveled the world to only find

out that paradise was just around the corner.


We love the sea, the beach and watersports. With passion, hard work and a vision we

are creating a utopia on the Dutch shores. A place were everybody is welcome.

A place were there is space for more then just a restaurant or beachbar and that

is more like a tiny village that influence people to see life from a different point of view.


There are many reasons to visit and experience South Beach. Like the playground with

it’s beautiful 5 meter tall swing built for kids and used by everyone to feel young.

You just see elderly people connect with their younger selves as soon as they interact.

Double Decker

The double decker was built in 1962 and transported people in the North of Ireland. We brought it to South Beach so it can function as a centre piece for our food truck festivals. The top deck offers spectacular view over the coastline from Hoek van Holland to IJmuiden.

We offer private dining, massages, photoshoots, cocktail parties etc on and in the Double Decker.

These beautiful iron wood poles are recycled from the daybeds that were crafted in Indonesia for beach club the Republiek in Bloemendaal. 

The Totems are positioned along our main boardwalk 'The Boulevard of Present Dreams'. They function as lanterns at night and their signs point to attractions on South Beach and some of our favorite spots around the world.

Totem Signs
Chess Board

Inspired by large xxl chess boards in metropoles around the world.Chess is an international well know game everybody can enjoy. Kids learn from their parents or friends how to play. Playing chess activates parts of our brain we seldom use. The game here in the open air  has a social function, it gives the opportunity to pay and interact with each other. 

Like all villages South Beach has also opened a museum, the MoEPAA, Museum of En Plein Air Art. Our museum exhibits different art forms mainly created outside under the sun or stars.

There is an exhibition with beach scenes painted by the last impressionist A.C. van Noort (1913-2003) and his son F.A. van Noort. Van Noort painted most of their work on South Beach and date back to 50 years ago. All of his work exhibited is painted here.

Chapel of Tomorrow

The chapel of tomorrow is the first church and is rather small like in any other just founded villages. As soon as the church gets more funds they will expand and erect a cathedral. The chapel of tomorrow is not just one belief, all religions from around the world are welcome. It doesn’t matter what god you think is your best imaginary friend, we don’t fight about this while we are all housed with love and respect for one and another under the same roof.

The Corona Theater is a multi purpose venue. During the day it is an exposition space for  the MoEPAA or with bad weather and cold Northern winds a theater were 'Puppetshow on the Dam" performs cultural heritage Jan Klaassen shows. Corporate groups can use the space for presentation purposes. At night we use the space for dining or transform it into a nightclub.

Corona Theater
Work Out Station

Endless ways to use it, box, rings, work out/play climb rack. We build it for the people who do cardio training on the beach and like a moment to do some extra exercises. Kids use it as a play device and climb the construction and hang on the rings.

You can also check the wind direction looking at the windsock. 

99% recycled build for the young and used by everyone to feel young

Sky Swing

5 trampolines are used all day every day.

Volleybal and Foot volley on a magical illuminated field and net make it out of this world.

Schermafbeelding 2021-09-02 om 10.54.07.png
Volleybal field
Beach Cinema XL

Every Thursday a sneak rerun of a high rated movie is shown on a big screen with it’s back to the sunset. After the movie we lite up a campfire and under the stars we enjoy the magic of the night.


On Sunday we organise a kids matinee with a children’s movie. 

Our driving range is open upon request. We have biodegradable golf balls made out of food​ for the fishes.


So no plastic polution, just fun. 

Driving Range
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