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Building a destination

With love, dedication and perseverance we are building a never before seen destination, presently known as South Beach.

An offline community and a breeding ground for magic.

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The Sound of Paal

Working days are over.

Weekends starts early at

South Beach.

Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday we celebrate while dancing barefoot in the sand under the stars.

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South Beach School Program

Together with different schools and foundations we introduce kids to the beach and sea. For most of them this is the first time they encounter these elements. This experience and memory will last with them forever.

Pakje Kunst
Pakje Kunst brings local artists to the attention in their own region in an accessible way. 
The 'pack of cigarettes' are pulled from old mechanical cigarette machines. You can come across any art form in a box.
Street Art Workshop for KIDS

Are you in town this summer and would you like to create cool street art?

Join our workshop now! Wednesday, July 24 and August 9.

Street Art Exhibition

This summer as part of the Street Art Festival we curate the indoor exhibition in the Zandvoort Museum. The show will be up till the beginning of September.

We love art! 

Street Art Zandvoort

In colaboration with Stichting Beleef Zandvoort we started Street Art Zandvoort, our mission is to bring more color to Zandvoort. Please see the creations while walking the art route.

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Ship Happens

Street Art Frankey created Ship Happens. This object is placed as part of Street Art Zandvoort. Feel free to admire or judge this stranded boat.

Ecstatic Sunday

Hike, Yoga & Rave

Once a month Wildway organizes a morning ritual. An event that get people out of the city and back into nature. Join us to dance, connect and recharge

Family Beach Retreat

On the 25th of July organizes a one day retreat for the whole family including kids yoga, arts, surfing, beach cleanup and a mindset bootcamp.

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Carnevale at South Beach

A weekend full off cultural entertainment. Fortune teller, fakir, burlesque dancers, absurdist music performance, sex education, magic theater and for the kids a wizard school.

Candlelight Concerts

Candlelight concerts bring the magic of a live, multi-sensory musical experience. Discover classic music at South Beach under the gentle glow of candlelight.

World Unplugged

We are a family.

World Unplugged travels the globe seeking out unique atmospheric locations to perform their signature intimate acoustic shows. 

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